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Hard money lenders San Diego

Hard money lenders San Diego provides services for all your lending needs in San Diego. View Up-to-date videos on lending and money issues in our economy. … rated: viewed:299 source

Personal Finance: Class 4 – Insurance

Personal Finance: Class 4 – Insurance A study of personal finance topics from the consumer and societal perspectives. Topics include the preparation and interpretation of personal financial state… rated: viewed:1480 source

It’s the Economy, Stupid


How the Economy Turning Today Maybe Bill Clinton was right in his first campaign for the presidency when he promoted a slogan that pushed economic issues to the top of his agenda. Since then, they have been eclipsed and, for years, the fallout from 911, the debate over the Iraq war, and the focus on the…

Are Mortgage Calculators Accurate?

mortgage calculators

How Mortgage Calculators Work? Home purchase, whether your first or fifth time is a process that takes time. Nonetheless, free mortgage calculators could help minimize the strain. Some of the questions that most buyers want to know are how much they can afford for a house and how much the mortgage will be. With these…

Denver Home Loans – How To Determine the APR Fees on Your Mortgage

denver home loans

Denver Home Loans and APR Charges The Annual Percentage Rate or APR is arguably the most misunderstood if not downright confusing number in residential mortgage lending. What is it? The APR is a requirement of the federal Truth in Lending Act (Regulation Z) as a means to help regulate the way lenders advertise and notify…

Payday Loans Stores Near Me Open On Sunday

payday loans stores near me

How to find Payday Loans Stores Near Me and Get Cash Easily  Unsecured loans seem like a great answer to small cash emergencies. These loans are instant and small dollar loans can be availed online usually reserved only for those with the best credit scores and many people with bad credit fear even having their credit score checked…