Advantages of Online Cash Advance Loans

online cash advanceWhat are the Advantages of Online Cash Advance Loans?

Cash advance stores, or payday loan centers, seem to be found tucked away in strip centers and along busy highways across North America. They are often a great solution for someone who needs access to several hundred dollars for a short period of time. Many people use cash advance loans to help pay rent, cover spiking utility bills, and to meet other short-term emergency expenses.

The great demand for this service is apparent by the increasing number of payday loan centers over the last decade. Customers enjoy the convenience of the stores and the ease with which they can get a loan. However, a large segment of the population continues to use other, and often more expensive, credit options to meet their short-term credit needs. A major contributor of this phenomenon is the general stigma associated with others knowing about one’s credit situation. Studies suggest that consumers would rather face more expensive alternatives to payday loans than to be seen in public applying for a short-term cash advance.

The economy has responded to the consumer’s concern for privacy and propriety by offering payday and cash advance loans via the Internet. Consumers now enjoy the option of visiting a cash advance lender either in person or over the Internet. Payroll advance loans over the Internet are similar to loans issued through a storefront location, except consumers are able to request loans over the Internet, have the proceeds of the loans directly deposited into their checking account, and on the due date of the loan have it repaid automatically through a pre-authorized draft. Getting a cash advance loan online has never been easier or safer.

There are several items consumers should consider before using an online lender to meet their short-term online cash advance needs:

1) Is the lender a member of the Community Financial Services Association (CFSA)? Lenders who are a member of this community minded group agree to follow the group’s rigorous and consumer friendly best practices. When a consumer deals with a CFSA member, they can be assured that the lender will follow the cash advance laws of the consumer’s state. That assurance protects the consumer’s right to get a fair and honest payday loan. Furthermore, CFSA members pledge to abide by the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) and to help those who need extra time to repay an advance by offering an annual payment plan. Consumers should avoid lenders who are not members of this watchdog organization. Members of CFSA display the organization’s seal of approval on their homepage.

2) Does the online lender clearly display the fees they charge? Borrowers should look for the fee chart that clearly illustrates the cost associated with the cash advance loan. A typical fee for an online cash advance lender is between $17- and $30- per $100- borrowed. Borrowers should avoid cash advance lenders who charge administrative fees, loan insurance, or other “add-on” fees. A consumer will pay the fee or finance charge at the same time the amount borrowed is repaid. Loan terms should be easy to find in a store or on a website and should be easy to understand. Honest lenders will follow federal law and allow the consumer to review the loan disclosure before agreeing to its terms. If a consumer is uncertain about why they are being charged certain fees and surcharges they should seek another online lender who clearly displays all applicable charges.

3) Does the online lender have store front locations? This can be important because online lenders who have store front locations are typically not temporary lenders. Direct lenders establish their stores near you on street front locations should list their stores on their website so consumers have the ability to get a loan online or in person. As the popularity of online lending increases, so will the number of people offering loans online. Consumers should ask their lender how many years they have been around and how many loans they have serviced. If they have been established at least five or more years they are more likely to resolve any concern or question one may have because they have likely faced similar situations before. Experience in short-term lending does matter. Consumers who use established online cash advance lenders are likely to have fewer problems.

Consumers should know that there are legitimate lenders online. By asking the above mentioned and other questions, people can rest assure that they are dealing with a reputable online lender who will protect their privacy and help them meet their short-term needs.

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