Define What is Copyright?

Copyright and it’s Registration Requirement

Intellectual Property Right(IPR) laws addresses the protection of any new or creative work or idea or any innovation etc. which are new and are outcome of hard efforts of the person who is behind that work or innovation. IPR covers Literary Scientific or artistic work, or discoveries or designs etc. The IPR primarily consists of Trademark, Copyright, Patents having separate procedures for registration of such copyright where the person interested can apply for registrations and protection of the intellectual created or discovered due to his efforts.

Copyright is one of the Intellectual Property which protects the literary and artistic work and includes the works relating to writing of books or documents or other written materials, musical creations, cinematographic works, translations etc. There are laws incorporated by most of the countries post the GATT (General Agreement on Tariff an Trades) treaty hence post globalization the importance of IPR laws has become more important.

Registration Benefits

Any work which is registered under the copyright laws becomes property of the person who created it and no other person shall be able to reproduce that work for commercial or other benefits without the permission of the original creator or writer of that work. All registered copyrights would have priority over unregistered ones hence registration of copyrights becomes important to retain the ownership of the work which is the outcome of hard efforts. Once registered it becomes public record of your ownership and you get a right to bring the suit for infringement against the other person. It also give you a right to claim royalty from the other person in case of his reproducing of the work with permission.

(WIPO)World Intellectual Property Organization is an international organization ensures the protection across the world for such works.

Once registered the copyright remains protected for certain period of time as per the applicable laws of the state post which it can be reproduced in the public interest.

Laws for Protection of the Right

The original creator of the work would have civil and criminal rights against any such infringements. Any person interested to use the copy right need to obtain license from the original creator. A classic example of the copyright would be software or training license for the use is issued by the companies who created the same. In most of the software the system is so in built that the person willing to used has to make upfront payment of the fees and then it allows access to the software. It requires the user to accept the terms of the use before able to access the same – Payday Loan Places Near me.

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