Define What is Cyber Law and why is it Needed ?

Cyber Law and its Importance

With the continuous increase on dependency on computers and Internet, the cyber world is growing every day. Most of the transactions happening in this business world have direct or indirect dependency on cyber world. In view of the expansion expected a need was felt in the beginning of cyber revolution, to organize the web world so that it can be regulated and monitored in a controlled manner. Hence cyber laws were framed and individual countries enacted their respective laws.

Purpose of Cyber Law

In order to curb and control the misuse of Internet or cyber crimes of other nature and also to regulate the cyber segment for the benefit of the society, the cyber laws were enacted. Cyber Law covers in scope almost all types of transactions carried out through internet. Since the cyber revolution most of the business transactions in the world have direct or indirect involvement of the Cyber World, the scope of cyber law is also equally wide.

It starts from the time you log in to the internet, book website or domain, create website, do any business or blog or any other activity which would be available on the internet. It also comes into play when you use internet as a business owner to promote or sell any product or receive payments through customers through Net banking etc.

It is also equally applicable when you are using social media website or posting blogs or advertising through any internet platform or send email to known or unknown persons, business correspondence etc.

Advantages of Cyber Law

There are many advantages post implementation of the Cyber laws. Some of them include:

• E Commerce became more trustworthy hence more and more online businesses are growing
• Customer also getting more confident hence purchase at convenience option is growing through internet
• Regulatory approvals, documentations and interactions are becoming easier and faster as compared to the traditional methods
• Dissemination of information and search and availability of information which are authentic has made the life easier for all
• IT security and related certifications ensures that there are only competent players who can be trusted for quality
• Remedy is available for the aggrieved person to raise it to proper forum

Though the Cyber Law seems to be working to regulate the cyber industry but truly speaking the challenges in this Industry are also growing due to new entrants every day experimenting and trying new ideas out of which some are good and some are risky too.

Also the quantum of transactions happening through internet is huge hence the risk or cyber hackers or cyber crimes always remain a challenge to control. Also when cross border transactions happens it becomes difficult to control or contain the risk of cyber crime – Loan Places Near Me

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