Define What is e –Learning

All About e-Learning

Technology is getting advanced everyday and there are enormous benefits the technology serves and E learning is on one of them. E learning represents an activity of learning through internet. It is different from the traditional way of classroom or lecture based learning.

Learning is a requirement for a large section of people at different stages of life hence it is one of the biggest industry. E Learning encompass rendering of knowledge through Internet where the person rendering the knowledge and the person receiving the same may be located at different places. The learning happens with both the persons not at the same place.

Why E-Learning is beneficial

E earning is getting popular for the enormous benefits it offers and some of them are listed below:

• This is a cost and time saving way of learning where the administrative cost of physical location can be saved

• E-learning is even possible where different candidates are attending from different countries hence physical boundaries do not become a barrier for e learning

• This mode of training allows any number of faculties and any number of students to learn together at their convenient time unlike the traditional way of learning where this cannot be found as possible

• E Learning allows to save other costs relating to delivery of knowledge such as books and notes etc. the e learning is through the minimal cost of the internet connectivity hence very economic.

• It helps to communicate very fast to the recipient and the training can be delivered to any number of them without the challenge of capacity of location etc. which proves it to be cost effective

• This allows a facility to record the same and listen to the same as fresh any number of times

• E learning platform also provides facility to evaluate the audience through instant tests of other feedback activities which makes the E learning as more effective in approach

E Learning due to its advantages is growing and getting widely accepted. One the one hand it provides a cheaper solution to meet the training needs on the other hand it provides effective solution that can be evaluated by the trainer.

What is next to E Learning ?
One can imagine the change in the mode of training with the help of technology and due to the recent development of 3 Dimensional imaging where the presence of the person can also be seen as a live person in remote locations. This would help to make e learning more interesting and near to real.

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