Define What is Ecotourism

Ecotourism: A Brief Explanation

Ecotourism can be broken as eco friendly tourism for better understanding. It refers to travelling to the natural areas as a responsible traveler to improve the area or promote that area. The travel should not have any negative impact on the nature or it may be at a minimum level however it should build cultural awareness. The travel must be to the natural locations and during the travel there should use of recyclable materials, renewable resources and proper disposal of the waste materials.

The travelers should be adequately educated through educative materials to make them aware about the importance of preserving the nature and conserving the natural resources. The natural beauty and vegetation of the place should not be disturbed.

Purpose of this concept

One of the purpose of the ecotourism is to provide direct financial benefits to the location where the funds could be raised for using it for conservation of nature. The collection happens through some fees or taxes or sale of natural products, art or cultural activities etc.

It requires the traveler to respect the local culture instead of infusing the outside culture. It should be able to make the locals self sustainable without disturbing the basic form of their living. This is a thought development amongst the traveler that they should not the visiting that place as a visitor instead they should be there as part of the nature itself. This would have two benefit of conserving the naturalness of the place as well as spreading awareness of the same.

This becomes important in view of the fact that the wildlife and natural vegetation are getting popular internationally and more and more visitors are travelling to unexplored locations which has direct impact on the natural habitat. The tourist comes with an expectation to enjoy the nature for which they spend money hence the eco tourism ensures that the money spent is utilized for betterment of the natural habitat.

There are guidelines issued in advance to the travelers such as they need to respect the local traditions and culture, or they should not be showing the power of their money there and they should be flexible in their expectations and should be ready to adjust to the culture of the place of visit. This ensures a mind make up for the visitor and would benefit the place to ensure that the culture and habitat are not disturbed to a great extent – Loans Near Me

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