Define What is Labor Law and its Need?

What is Labor Law?

Labor Law as the term indicates that it is the law that is related to the labor. With the growth of the businesses and the related employment the need was felt to regulate the working segment to ensure that the working class is treated fairly. The organization as well as organization work force is governed by various laws for labor which starts from the time of recruitment, then the work atmosphere, welfare and remuneration and till the employee’s full and final settlement.

Key reasons behind this Law

The intention of these laws is to ensure that the employment of labor is carried out in most justifiable manner and the labor is not unduly harassed by the employer. They are paid remuneration not below the minimum standard of pay ad per the local laws. The employer should not make the labor work beyond the maximum number of hours of work fixed by the law. The office of the labor department are authorized to inspect the workplace at any point of time to ensure that there is compliance with laws. Also they are authorized to investigate the complaints received against any employer or any unlawful action taken by employer against the employee.

These Laws intent to protect the employees working in the industries or under other commercial establishments. Employer being in advantageous position might try to take undue advantage in terms of the unreasonable terms for employment or unfair working conditions hence the labor laws contains various provisions including the display of all necessary laws at prominent position. This would ensure that the person employed is aware of the laws for his protection. The law prohibits the termination of job as a punishment and without any compensation and such termination is considered as illegal by law.

Grievance Redressal

Labor laws provides for establishment of labor courts for the victim to get relief apart from the procedure for Arbitration and Reconciliations activities. There are procedures laid down for the group negotiations under Trade Unions Laws where the employees can form and recognized Trade union and negotiate or dispute with the Employer.

These Laws are very wide in nature and covers entire scenario relating to the employment of labor. It requires the employer to do mandatory registration with the labor office and comply with the requirements as mention under the law. Violation of labor Law is a serious offense and is punishable under civil and criminal laws.

Labor Laws becomes extremely important so far as the protection of the employment of the labor is concerned as there are fair chances that due to the threat of losing employment, the working conditions of the labor might get compromised unless protected – Payday Loans Near Me.


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