Define What is Patent ?

Patent Definition and it’s Registration Requirements

IPR (Intellectual Property rights) Laws are designed to protect the innovations. One of the categories of the IPR is Patent which is granted for inventions. Patent is the exclusive right of the person to own the invention and no one can reproduce the same or claim the right on such invention once the patent is registered.

A patent to be registered must be useful by nature, it must fall within the category of classification as patent, it must be new in nature and it should not be some this obvious or something that everybody knows. It must not be unlawful or against the public policy or morality.

Application for Registration

A patent to be registered need to be applied by the person once innovated. Some fees need to be paid alongwith the application for patent to the registrar post which the application is accepted. The application submitted can have more than one claim also it need to specify the extent of the claim applied for protection.


The registrar of patents admits the application and posts for objections. In case any objections are raised challenging the basic necessities of Patent, they need to be responded and evidence need to be provided justifying the claim.

Once the objections are justified and registrar is satisfied with the invention, the registrar grants the patent for the period as per the Patent Laws which is generally from 14 to 20 years. One the Patent is granted the person becomes the exclusive owner of the patent and any further use of such invention by any other person would require license to do the same. One patent is granted there is a requirement to pay renewal fees for the same as per the applicable laws of the state.

The manufacturer whose patent is pending for approval and is already filed uses the word patent pending or patent applied. In case of two or more persons jointly working the patent can be applied jointly or in part too.

There are consultants who renders the services of filing and interacting with patent office. Such consultants are really helpful for person who do not understand the complex nature of the IPR registrations.

Patent offices do have online facility hence patent search, filing and settling the objections can be handled through online system. This has brought speed and transparency in the system – Payday Loan Places Near Me.

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