E-Commerce – How it Changed the World?

What is E-Commerce?

E-Commerce refers to a type of commercial transactions happening through web mode worldwide. Gone are the days where most of the transactions used to happen in physical mode as post revolution in the Information Technology the concept of e commerce picked up where the physical trading started coming down. People started trading through internet instead of physical. E Commerce refers to the trading or commercial transactions happening through electronics mode.

Advantages of E-Commerce

E Commerce has various advantages as compared to physical mode some of them are as below:

• The sellers are able to sell at lower cost as they are able to reduce the infrastructure costs hence the discounts can be extend to customers. This benefits the customer to get the products at lower costs

• Customer having a convenience of delivery of the product once purchase or delivery of services online sitting at home. This saves time as well and the additional efforts incase of the physical transactions

• Customer can get aware of the products and vendors by doing a study of feed backs or other details through internet search including the price of the same product as offered by other suppliers

• It provides the customer to choose for a large number of suppliers hence more varieties are available for the customer to choose from

• It helps in boundary less transactions as customer gets exposure to international market and vendors to offer the products for customers across the world.

E Commerce is not only restricted to the Online shopping it includes any type of commercial transactions happening through electronics mode such as training or lotteries or the auctions etc. It also includes banking transactions, consultancy services offered online or any other kind of commercial deal. E Commerce can happen between the seller and buying customers and it can also happen between business to business also.

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