Herbal Tourism and Ayurvedic Medicine

What is Herbal Tourism?

India has always been interesting and attractive as far as tourism is concerned. People have been traveling to India since centuries from various parts of the world for various purposes. May it be learning about India or understanding the culture or the advanced science and religion.

Kerala in one of the state which is still carrying the old culture of martial arts and treatments by using nature in one or the other form. Ayurveda in Kerala is considered is the oldest medicinal science. The same knowledge is also extended in tourism where the traveler can enjoy the natural ways of rejuvenating by using herbs and other medicinal plants or the extracts of the nature.

1. Home Stay- A traveler can have a feel of stay at a homely atmosphere of the local place living by opting for a Home stay. In this option he can opt for a house with ambiance of the locality thereby giving a nice feel of the stay. It will also help the person to get the local food and other arrangements.

2. Healing Holiday – Ayurveda is the oldest way of treating the diseases and healing the diseases. People do come and stay here for longer period and undergo therapy with herbs and oils that heal the stressfull lives of people and bring a new energy in them.

3. Authentic Wellness Experience- The Ayurvedic treatments are required to meet certain levels of standards as per the rules of the profession hence there are certifications to ensure that the traveler gets authentic treatment from the professionals there.

4. Oil therapy and Massage – There are certain therapy or massage system which has been used from primitive ages. These are done with the oils mixed with various herbs which are rare to get and benefits the body of the person. These oil massages or therapy are carried out in the traditional way by professionals and post this therapy the person experiences a different personality with afresh and more energetic mind. These massages rejuvenates the person and relieves him from the stress or the tired body muscles.

5. SPA Resorts – There are concepts of spa resorts where the facilities of stay and therapies. They also include the options of yoga, meditation, Steam bath and ayurvedic treatments together. Some of the ayurvedic treatment includes massage with herbal oils, coating body with medicinal plants, Oil Dhara (stream of oil) or pressing the body with small bundled cloth to relax the muscles.

It is really wonderful to undergo the holidays in place like kerala which is contrary to the busy lives we live and tight schedule we run. It is taking a break and rebuilding yourself.

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