How to Manage Your Stress Caused By Financial Worries

Stress Management – How to release Stress?

Stress refers to a condition where our mind and body reacts or behaves with respect to the changing external environment. It can be due to a change in the balance of life or results adverse to expectation or interference from external factors not connected or it can be anything that makes our mind and body react adversely. Stress is always considered as the negative impact due to external the factors.

Stress is reflected as a situation of Headache, fatigue or depression, stomach upset or any other disease as being the response of the body for the situations. As brain controls the body and stress affects the brain first where the brain looses the balance and start sending wrong signals to the body and as a result of this body succumbs to sickness. Due to continuous state of mind in stress there are fair chances that the body starts reflecting it through various disorders or diseases including loss of concentration, loss of appetite, change in blood pressure levels or insomnia etc.

Stress in true sense is putting more pressure in the mind that is internally which in turn reacts by disturbing the body. Whenever the mind is put with some challenge it reacts by gathering strength to either fight it out or get itself away by avoiding it. When the mind decided not to fight it out but to retain or live with it the stress arises. In such situation man is generally surrounded by his negative thoughts or some external factors and he will not try to come out or relax.

In the medical terms the body responds to the situation by producing more chemicals which may be adrenaline or non adrenaline thereby affecting the heart rate and more sweating. It is a response of getting prepared for the situation spontaneously. It also reduced the activities of the other body parts which are not necessary at that point of time. This can be treated as a positive response however the continues stress situation affects the functioning of the body parts hence leading to diseases.

Remedies for Relief

There are few remedies for stress such as:

• Doing meditation which can relax the mind

• Doing yoga which relaxes the body

• Doing physical fitness exercises such as jogging or playing any outdoor game etc.

• Counseling with the experts

Stress in itself is not a disease but the state of mind however the continuous stress can result in diseases.

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