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E Commerce revolution has created a change where big chunk of physical sales have moved to internet bases sales. As a result of this the marketing also has changed its from physical to internet based promotions. There are various modes of internet marketing such as search engine based, of the social media based or other modes such as personal emails or promotional emails etc.

Someone who is expert in internet marketing can choose for selling others products through affiliate program. Affiliate Program is where the sales for the product is done by extended force which is not under the control of the actual owner of the product. Also on those sales some fees or commission becomes payable to the extended sales force.

Companies incur huge costs on marketing their products and also the penetration at all levels is also little challenging from the cost perspective. In view of this the affiliate marketing is the option promoted by such companies.

What is the Role of Affiliate Marketer

Role of Affiliate marketer is create a bridge between the product purchase and the prospective customer. The affiliate marketer displays the product to the customer and makes the person to understand and buy the product. Once the customer decided to buy he gets redirected to the seller directly. The payment and post sales activities happen between the customer and the seller only. Affiliate marketer will be entitled for the commission or the fees for directing the customer towards the sale and the customer buys the same. He will not have any further liability to the customer.

How it Benefits

Affiliate Program has the many benefits like as below:

• It saves the cost of marketing for the seller based on the penetration that can be created by the affiliate marketer

• It reduced the sales force for the seller as the sales happen through the affiliate marketer online.

• It also involves use of the marketing material or products description as provided by the seller however the platform used for getting the customer visits are like blogs or websites or social media marketing etc.

• Affiliate Marketing conversion depends on various factors such as web traffic into your site, the type of product you are referring to the prospects, making the prospect decide on buying and the type of description provided by you to make it interesting.

• It involves the creation of interest of buying in the customer by the person who is marketing the product so that customer decides to enter the website of the seller through the link displayed by the marketer.

One should be very careful in choosing the affiliate program as there are many fake or untrustworthy sellers who would make use of your efforts and in return the commission is either not paid and the traffic is stolen away to approach such customers directly. In such scenario you would find the traffic coming down.

Some of the known sellers where the affiliate programs are popular are commission junction or Clickbank etc. It is recommended in various blogs however this kind of business is not very easy to run unless it is planned and executed very well consistently – Loans Near Me.

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