Job Description-Executive Assistant

It is a written statement that described the duties and responsibilities for a person appointed or proposed to be appointed at some position need to have understanding on the technicality, skill set needed, dependency and the related responsibilities for the position.

Job description is important from the Employer’s perspective that it makes the expectation very clear and also for the employee is give opportunities to grow themselves. It helps the Human Resource people to plan the evaluation, assessment and retention of the employee.

Executive Assistant – Sample JD

The following will be the role of this position

• Scheduling meetings and appointments as per the need and the directions
• Maintaining the information and providing the prescribed reports in time
• Greeting the Guests and visitors to the executive office
• Keeping abreast of the new developments by attending trainings and other development sessions
• Maintaining confidentiality of the information received during the course of performing the responsibilities
• Ensure completion of projects as may be assigned from time to time by proper delegation, planning, execution and ensuring the time lines
• Screening and attending the calls
• Managing the calendar of the reporting manager and coordinating with the stakeholders for the meeting.

Skills Required:

Expert writing skills, experience on report preparations, knowledge of Finance Industry, Stock market knowledge, excellent communication skills, quick in action – Loan Companies Near Me.

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