More Dog Breeds Evolving – New York City

Dogs is a pet known for loyalty since long. Dog keeping concept has also come a long way where there are various breeds available and also some licensing requirements are imposed to regulate dog keeping.

Dogs being pet from the ancient days and has been a company for man in living as the wars. Dog. Before getting the Dogs it is better to understand the type of the breed and the size of the dog of your choice. Primarily the breeds can be classifies as the small medium and large based upon their size.These are some of the popular breeds basis their category


Chihuahua- Very Small in size with big eyes and rich looking face. Can carry in your purse or shoulders and are white with shade of brown.

Shiz Tzu : A Chinese breed with awesome and long hairs showcases the beauty needs daily care. A breed easily manageable at home and increases the beauty of household.


American Pit Bull Terrier- An amazing breed requiring more time for exercise and expert trainers to see. It is pretty challenging for a new owner without experience to handle.

Labrador Retriever: a breed known for its high energy and strength, is also a water loving pet. It is pretty quick to get trained and is an easy fit in the families

Beagle : a breed fond of food and a family dog often goes freaky hence requires constant attention.


German Shepherd : A breed which is a brand itself. Dog with sharp eyes and intelligence. The best trainable dog used by police or army

American Bulldog:

It is comparatively a new breed from America and heavy weighing dog, good to adjust with the family. It had a heavy head and a tough look.

How to start Dog keeping?

It starts with registration of the Dog with the city authority by making application and paying the prescribed fee.Post License we need to ensure that the tag is attached to the collar and the tag carries the contact details to help finding the Dog incase it is lost somewhere.

What else?

1. Take Dogs to the Dog Parks and need to be accompanied by the Owner. The more you visit to park , the better it is for the Dog.

2. Some of the familiar names are Tompkins Square park, or the Stuyvesant Park or the central park etc.

3. Dog Park is a place for the Dogs to interact with other Habitats hence getting connected with other livings. Most of the Parks allow this except a few.

4. Only in Dog Parks you can unleash the Dogs otherwise in public places they need to be on leash.

5. A regular visit to Veterinary Doctors would be useful to keep the Dog healthy and also the vaccination for rabies.

6. In case of traveling the day care facilities need be opted if you do not want to carry the dogs alongwith you.

As an owner it is your duty to give a stress free living for the Dog you have adopted.

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