No Kill Cat Shelter Program

No Kill Cat Shelter Objectives

Cats are good pet and very friendly to humans. In order to take care of diseased cats the cat shelter concept is very useful. The authority HSUS runs various programs to ensure the same.

Pets are good when they are healthy and when we can enjoy their activities. It happens when the pets such as Cat falls ill or is down with some diseases and the condition of the Cat is felt as dangerous for humans, such cats are taken to the No Kill cat shelters. These shelters exclusively take care of such cats which are not adopted or not healty.

It is a program to avoid the killing of the cats severely sick and it can no longer be kept as a pet by anybody due to the reason of some dangerous and are treatable.

How it came into existence?

HSUS – the authority is declared the number of deaths happening and conducts various awareness programs. This program was recognized post 1998 where the legislation was passed to prevent the sufferings of animals in shelter and also a fund was established in the year 1999 which helps in financing the program expenses.

The Approach…

The authority not only encourages the people to avoid animal killings but also to adopt the pets post the treatment when they are well and out the disease. This ensures that the animals do not become a burden for the owners at the time of their sickness and also for the pet, the life is saved.

What programs do HSUS Run?

There are several programs such as the spay program also called the neuter program to control new births, adoption programs, retention program by supporting in veterinary issues, partnering programs for funding, charity and donations – Loan places Near Me.

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